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Month: January 2017

Fluffy Blueberry and Cranberry Muffins

Fluffy Blueberry and Cranberry Muffins

I am going to be honest with you guys. Since I went vegan and even before that I struggled to make my own very fluffy muffins. The kind that you would get in your local coffee shop. And I tried so so many times. Everytime they were either too dry or just plain boring. So I kept baking and kept trying and NOW I have succeeded. I have created the most juicy and fluffy muffins ever. Better than the ones in the shop. And they are are non-vegan and child approved.

I do hate to say that there is sugar in them though which is a fact I really dislike and I might try to improve this recipe to make it refined sugar free but I might mess it up.

So for now I will share this sugary treat with you and hopefully you will like it as much as my colleagues, kids and me.

Blueberry and Cranberry Muffins
Serves 6
The fluffiest muffins youll ever make
  1. Plain flour 250g
  2. Sugar 150g
  3. Vegan Margerine or vegan Butter 150g
  4. Vanilla pod 1
  5. Binnamon 1/2tsp
  6. Bread Soda 1tsp
  7. Vanilla flavoured soya milk or plain if you like 200ml
  8. Chickpea brine 6 tbsp
  9. Apple Cider Vinegar 1 tbsp
  10. Frozen or fresh blueberries two handfuls
  11. Frozen or fresh cranberries two handfuls
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  1. Preheat the over to 175-180degrees, note ovens vary so watch them.
  2. Line a 6 mould muffin tin for parchment paper or muffin cases.
  3. Mix all the dry ingredients in a large bowl.
  4. Mix the chickpea brine, apple cider vinegar and soya milk in a different bowl and let stand for a couple of minutes.
  5. Now add the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mix with a hand or stand mixer unti well combined.
  6. Dicide the mixtures in two and add the cranberries and blueberries each in a different bowl.
  7. Mix well.
  8. Pour into the muffin tins and bake in the over for about 25 minutes or until a wooden stick come out clear.
  9. Enjoy
Avocado pumpkin seed cakelets

Avocado pumpkin seed cakelets

My little monkey Alex is turning 2 next week and I have promised him and his older brother a green monster cake for the party. So I really needed to create something green. You might say why not use food colouring? Nope not me…I refuse to use food colouring and I don’t want any refined sugar in it.

I’m not a health freak and when it come to myself, I often, I try not to, indulge in sugary treats..But for my monkeys I want to reduce their sugar intake as much as possible, because frankly they just go MAD on it.

So off I went trying to come up with nice recipes and I remembered I made a cake once using a recipe from the lovely Audrey, that consisted only of a couple of ingredients. Because I’m really bad at following recipes and because most of the time I don’t have the ingredients at hand and also want to try something once it pops into my head, I adapted it.

When I was finished I was left with these beautiful cakelets (is that even a word?). They were only a trial so I didn’t decorate them to be monsters but beautiful girly cakelets with dried roses.

Having decorated them I really wanted to see what the guys think. There is no point asking my lovely Alex because he eats everything but James is the fussbob, the one that represents all kids and their weird tastes.

So I got my little guy and said “Ive got a lovely treat for you babs, let me know what you think.” He ate some and said, “its lovely mama but I don’t like the bottom bit (which is the crust). Ill eat just the top bit if that’s ok and you can have the bottom”. Fine with me. Two seconds later…”actually mama I don’t like the top bit either its too cold and its avocado.

Whats wrong with avocado? He loves avocado and eats it all the time mixed with banana.

Anyway, so here we are if he doesn’t like it, none of the kids at the party will like it. I guess that means more recipe testing.

But if you want the recipe, here it comes:

[seo_recipe id=”52″]

Liz Earle – Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

Liz Earle – Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

First product review….had to be on cosmetics. Us being girls it’s only natural.
Going vegan for the animals for us meant also going crueltyfree. So we had to ditch all our cruel cosmetics. But you have to do research first, right? Nope. I didn’t. Off I went to the first pharmacy and grabbed the first product that looked lovely…turned it over and saw the bunny. Winner!!!! This is the Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser by  Liz Earle. I was promised clear skin by the sales person and off I went to try it at home….Really optimistic with this one now.
Just a brief introduction to my skin
I am not sure why but for some time now my skin has been very clogged up with spots appearing on my forehead and chin. I tried  a few face washes and exfoliators but couldn’t get it to feel clean or even less greasy. So the reason I am trying this is that I really want my skin to clear up and get rid of those spots.
The sales rep told me the cleanser is really good for acne prone skin so exactly what I am looking for, right?
First of all a tiny bit about the company.

Liz Earle was founded in 1995 and is a British beauty brand. They offer skincare, haircare, bodycare and make up for all ages, stages in life or skin type.* According to their Sales Rep most of their products are Vegan except a few that include honey and beeswax from sustainable sources. Sooo, if I really like this cleanser I might move on to their other products and will of course review them here.

The Hot Cloth Cleanser

According to the official Liz Earle website this cleanser is suitable for all skin types. This statement makes me a bit nervous and sceptical as surely there cannot be a one for all solution for all skin types. But lets see how it goes. The cleanser has won numerous awards over the last few years including “InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2016 Award”, the “Woman&Home Best in Beauty 2015 Award” The Glamour Beauty Power List 2014 Award” and many others.

I got a 30ml tub that came with the cleansing muslin cloth. At €8 for the both it’s a reasonable enough price and worth a try.

How to use?

Massage onto dry skin over your face and neck, finishing over your eye area. Rinse the pure cotton cloth in hand-hot water and wring out before gently polishing off the cream. Finish by splashing your face with cool water.*

I was also told by the salesperson that I can even remove my eye make up with it as it doesn’t sting the eyes.

First Impressions

When I opened the tub I got a soft and gentle Eucalyptus scent which was rather nice as it wasn’t overpowering. The consistency of the cream itself was smooth and not greasy.

So first I removed my eye make up which was easy enough and didn’t take that much product to do (not sure if I want to do that though considering there are other make up removers specifically designed for that purpose).

Then I went on to massage the product into my skin with circular motion. I rinsed my new cloth in hot water and polished off the cream.

Result. Very surprised. My skin felt very clean after the first use and it hasn’t felt like that before in a long time.

I was really optimistic and thought this is it, I might have found my favourite cleanser and if my skin feels like that every day and gets rid of my impurities Ill stick with it.

The following morning my skin was back to normal all greasy and my pores were blocked. So I cleansed it again. You are supposed to use it twice a day morning and night. Again my skin felt and looked really clean. I was so happy.

I have now used up the entire tube of 30ml which took me about 4 weeks and here comes the final verdict.

First of all one week into using the product I found out it wasn’t vegan. It contains bees wax. I got a bit upset as even though I was told not all Liz Earle products are vegan it wasn’t mentioned by the sales lady that this wasn’t. So regardless of my experience with it I will not be repurchasing it.

Now having used up the entire tub I am not entirely satisfied.

The Positives:

  • My skin felt and looked really clean after each use.
  • The product has a lovely scent and a creamy consistency which is easy to apply.
  • It doesn’t dry out your skin which a lot of cleansers do
  • The muslin cloth is lovely and soft and easy to wash after each use.
  • 30ml lasting four weeks with daily application in the morning and evening quite good

The negatives:

  • The Product is not Vegan
  • Even though my skin looks and feels really clean after each cleanse my spots didn’t disappear and my pores are still blocked. My skin keeps getting oily throughout the day and I have lots of impurities.

So having promised to clear up my skin it didn’t deliver.

But maybe this product is not suitable for all skin types after all. Maybe if your skin isn’t too oily or clogged up you will like it. As I said after every cleanse I was really impressed on how clean my skin felt and looked. And every time I thought maybe I need to use it for a bit longer to see a lasting result. But after having used it for four weeks I am a bit disappointed.

This is not to say that you wont like it. And if you are ok with having bees wax in your products give it a go.

My search for the best cleanser for me still continues and I am moving on to the next product.