Avocado pumpkin seed cakelets

Avocado pumpkin seed cakelets

My little monkey Alex is turning 2 next week and I have promised him and his older brother a green monster cake for the party. So I really needed to create something green. You might say why not use food colouring? Nope not me…I refuse to use food colouring and I don’t want any refined sugar in it.

I’m not a health freak and when it come to myself, I often, I try not to, indulge in sugary treats..But for my monkeys I want to reduce their sugar intake as much as possible, because frankly they just go MAD on it.

So off I went trying to come up with nice recipes and I remembered I made a cake once using a recipe from the lovely Audrey www.unconventionalbaker.com, that consisted only of a couple of ingredients. Because I’m really bad at following recipes and because most of the time I don’t have the ingredients at hand and also want to try something once it pops into my head, I adapted it.

When I was finished I was left with these beautiful cakelets (is that even a word?). They were only a trial so I didn’t decorate them to be monsters but beautiful girly cakelets with dried roses.

Having decorated them I really wanted to see what the guys think. There is no point asking my lovely Alex because he eats everything but James is the fussbob, the one that represents all kids and their weird tastes.

So I got my little guy and said “Ive got a lovely treat for you babs, let me know what you think.” He ate some and said, “its lovely mama but I don’t like the bottom bit (which is the crust). Ill eat just the top bit if that’s ok and you can have the bottom”. Fine with me. Two seconds later…”actually mama I don’t like the top bit either its too cold and its avocado.

Whats wrong with avocado? He loves avocado and eats it all the time mixed with banana.

Anyway, so here we are if he doesn’t like it, none of the kids at the party will like it. I guess that means more recipe testing.

But if you want the recipe, here it comes:

[seo_recipe id=”52″]

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