Chunky or Smooth Spicy Chocolate Cereal Bars

Chunky or Smooth Spicy Chocolate Cereal Bars

Have I ever mentioned how much I love cereal bars? Proper cereal bars I mean. Not the stuff you get at the shop, now there are a few new bars that are great, but real homemade cereal bars.

I love having them in the house and if there are some they are usually gone pretty quickly.
There are so many recipes for them and I could share so many with you but today I have a recipe that for scrumptious spicy chocolate cereal bars.

Not only are they refined sugar free but the spices increase your intake of antioxidants. But you knew that already. I for myself love spicy food but when cooking for my two little ones I have to be cautious as if they detect any trace of a kick to their food they wont eat it. So these are moderately spicy.

Chunky Cereal Bar

The recipe is for chunky and smooth bars depending on your preference and if you’re making them please let me know in the comment section what you thought.

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