Hungry Soul – The perfect guide to start your culinary journey

Hungry Soul – The perfect guide to start your culinary journey

So guys, it’s been a while since I reviewed a products. So this is one I am really happy to review.

The “Hungry Soul” cookbook by Jacques Brennan. Its a vegan cookbook for young people and students who are startign out on their culinary journey. The recipes are simple yet delicious and it comes with a handy guide on Essentials, gives you a few cooking rules and even complete meals to impress.

The book is easily written and the recipes are simple with easy to get ingredients that you can get anywhere. No need to go to loads of different shops and no need to spend a fortune.

The Book has five sections:

The first one gives you an introduction into the background of the author, it continues with some cooking rules, explains the effect food has on our welbeing and mood and also lists essential tools and pantry fillers.

It also explains different cooking method and if you are really only starting out is is so so handy to know your basiscs.

The recipes section is over one hondred pages and you can find loads of recipes you’ll love. From soups to salads, pasta, stir fries to sauces, pizza and desserts, everythng is there.

My favourite so far was the Satay Noodles recipe, Broccoli and Hazelnut Salad as well as the Garlic and Parsley pasta. So so yummy!

As I mentioned earlier, the recipes are so easy to follow and you nearly cant do anything wrong.

After the recipe section you can find a guide on all your basis ingredients and all the different methods of cooking them.

Following from that you can find entire meals that you can serve up to impress different audiences. Jut great.

To finish it all of, there is an appendix that gives more guidance on how to set the table, how to serve food and even on measurements and how to look after your tools.

Overall its a lovely book, that you can tell was written from the heart, to help young people and those who want to learn how to cook.

Its is of course a vegan cookbook and I had the most joy reading it and cooking from it.

I hope you will enjoy it too, you can purchase it here


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