My Sugar Detox

My Sugar Detox

Maybe you knew maybe you didnt, but overfour weeks ago I decided to do a sugar detox. Not because I eat a lot of sugar but just to really see if I can do it, go sugar free for four weeks.

I have now completed the four weeks and so I decided to share my experience with you.

If you follow me on Instagram you know I love my cakes and desserts, but most of them are made with natural sugar, are refined sugar free and if they do contain refined sugar there is very little of it.

But before I tell you all about me going cold turkey on the sugar, I will tell you how I was feeling on my natural sugar normal diet.

So What was I eating? For breakfast I would usually have some porridge or chiapudding or a peanutbutter banana sandwich. The porridge as well as the chia pudding would be topped with loads of fruit as well as cinammon and some maple syrup. Then at around eleven I woul crave something else, some little snack maybe a little piece of my healthy cake or a bliss ball. Note not full of refined sugar but yet full of natural sugar from the dates.

So then I would usually go ahead with my lunch and have some homemade burger or falafel or salad or what ever I had prepared the day before. So all good. BUT straight after lunch I needed something sweet as well as a coffee. So again I would usually have a tiny piece of cake or similar. I dont know why but I am not a big fruit eater, on my breakfast yes, in my smoothie definitely but not just on its own. Except Blueberries, I could eat them all day.

So by the time I got home from work I would be starving again and because I usually dont make dinner until after the boys are in bed we would snack on nuts and some bananas between us.

So these were my eating habits.

Doesnt sound too bad right, there are no cookies in there no bought desserst or white breads but when you look at it closely there is a lot of sugar in the fruit and the cakes.

So what was the challenge then?

This was the plan:

4 weeks in total

At the two week Half-Time

2 weeks totally sugarfree (under 5% naturally occuring and no added sugar), no fruit, no dried fruit, no syrups no white bread or pasta or rice.

2 weeks with 2 portions of fruit per day and the rest stays the same

Was it hard? The fruitless two weeks yes, but only for breakfast as I am the sweet breakfast kinda girl.

Any improvement in, well, anything? For once I dont feel the need for something sweet at any stage throughout the day, I actually dont even feel like eating cake (weirdo, right). After lunch I dont have that urge for dessert and I dont really have a proper afternoon slump. If thats is an improvemt then definitely there is an improvement.

Also I think I can get up out of bed easier, I think, there is not a huuuge difference because my kids make you tired no matter how much energy you have but I definitely feel less tired.

Weight loss? Yes definitely, I feel lighter around my middle, I didnt track the weight loss properly because that wasnt my goal, but I think I am down 2kg, which is fine with me haha.

Any side effects? Well I was told you will crash around day 13-14, which I didnt believe. I thought I am pretty healthy anyway and dont eat refined sugar so my crash wont be as bad. Did I crash? I actually dont kow, I wasnt moody, I wasnt tired or grumpy (not more than usually anyway) but one thing happenend that was strange.

Now you might say Come oooon are you for real, and maybe Im crazy, but I am an accountant (whats that got to do with anything right) and I was preparing figures for a board meeting. I was working on them for two days double checking and comparing and I thought I had it all done and all was good until I gave them to my boss.

Who called me in his office and said “Maria I dont know what you were on”. Basically my figures did not make sense, and while I found the mistakes in some of them I could not figure out where I got the others. Maybe I just had a bad day or maybe that was my sugar crash.

My colleague said maybe he should have asked “what are you not on? haha”.

Is there any scientific evidence that says you need sugar for the brain to function properly? I havent seen any, maybe Ill do more research…

Anyway that my experience of the sugar detox and I think Im doing pretty well, I dont think I will be going back to eating desserts every day like I did, just because I dont really feel like it anymore, but I will be eating all my fruit for breakfast.

Any thoughts on this?

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