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Electronics manufacturers face a difficult set of market forces, such as rapidly changing customer preferences, shrinking operating margins, managing a complex global supply chain, and uncertain demand. In order to help our customers navigate this ever-changing landscape, 918kiss plus hadiah endlessly improves our processes, products, and services to provide our customers with an exceptional customer experience. We will do things right the first time, all the time.

To achieve this, we will:

  1. Understand customer expectations and needs.
  2. Continuously create and deliver new values to customers.
  3. Resolve customer problems promptly. 918kiss plus hadiah prevents recurrence of problems by truly understanding root cause and eradicating its cause.
  4. Establish a world class quality management system and improve the effectiveness of the system continuously.
  5. Establish quality objectives based on our customers' perspectives and then measure ourselves against those objectives.

A critical component of realizing operational excellence is setting up a metrics program that can increase visibility into progress toward our objectives as well as shed light on areas for improvement.


Customers come first.

The 918kiss plus hadiah team is committed to understanding customer expectations, and then exceeding them through flawless execution of core values, processes, statutory and regulatory requirements, and quality. We are empowered to improve and find a better way, and united to not only be great, but contribute to our customer’s greatness.

Customers come first.


Given the competitive nature of the electronics industry and with many options available to buyers, the need for producing high quality products and processes does place considerable pressure on electronics manufacturers.

Therefore we have come up with the following Quality Management Objectives to focus on:

  1. Reduce the costs and risks in your supply chain
  2. Offer you an unparalleled customer experience
  3. Reduce non-conformances in manufacturing
  4. Identify and eradicate operational risks
  5. Ensure compliance

Through 918kiss plus hadiah's Strategic Planning process we continually initiate operational excellence programs to ensure alignment and harmony between key resources. Specifically, there are many steps 918kiss plus hadiah takes to effectively leverage people, processes, and technology to optimize the cost of quality and make measurable improvements toward these objectives.


Quality management initiatives are backed and led by the highest levels of the organization. 918kiss plus hadiah requires that all our employees be involved and an active participant in developing policies, internal educational programs, and SOPs, to spread a culture of quality that promotes measurements and improvements in all functional areas. At 918kiss plus hadiah, quality is everyone's job, not just final inspection.


The ability to scale any business is based upon a company's ability to set up repeatable and functional processes, procedures and work instructions. 918kiss plus hadiah has an extensive and detailed group of these which include the establishment of a formal enterprise-wide CAPA process, closed-loop process across the value chain, real-time statistical analysis of internal and external activities, and more.


Emerging technologies such ERP are helping organizations streamline cost of quality data from various business processes across the value chain to a centralized and standardized information management system. 918kiss plus hadiah has invested heavily in the industry leading Cloud ERP Business Management System NetSuite, in Autodesk's PLM 360 which has product lifecycle management capabilities that makes our product development processes more efficient, allows us to get products to customers earlier, and empowers every department to make our entire business run faster.


In summary, the term quality management refers to the approach an organization takes toward ensuring customer requirements are met. Too many times quality is only referred to as the product going to the customer. While this is important, quality starts at 918kiss plus hadiah when we answer your inquiry and extends all the way to you, the customer, receiving your shipment complete, accurate, and on time.

This is our focus, and we at 918kiss plus hadiah are dedicated to improving every day.


Today at 918kiss plus hadiah, the customer comes first, and everything we do must be put through that filter. Whether it is developing e-commerce platforms to make it easier to work with us, or creating a NPI (new product introduction) process that helps our customers get to market faster, or the other 10 new projects we have in process, we must focus on building the new. By doing that every day, and by always making the customer our top priority, we plan on being here for another 65 years and then some.

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