Superfood Smoothie with Chiapudding

Superfood Smoothie with Chiapudding

Superfood Smoothie with Chiapudding



Do you travel a lot for work? I kinda do. Not a lot lot but enough. Its always to Paris and I always struggle with food when I travel. I try to get prepared by making sandwiches for the flight and snacks for throughout the day. But my usual day looks like this. We get the flight at 7am, so I get up at 4. We land at around 10 French time and get a taxi to the office, where we consume a lot of coffee. Then its off to meetings and at around 12 or 1 we have lunch. this is where the trouble starts. The French office have a canteen and guess what? No vegan options, they do have what they call a salad bar which consists of pickled veg and creamy dressings. All full of dairy. So what do I have? Some “Salad” from said bar and chips. YUP, very healthy. After lunch its off for more coffee and meetings. We work until around six and then its off to the hotel for a quick rest and then some dinner with my non-vegan colleagues. Its never fancy, I don’t mind that, but its also never healthy. Think Pizza, pasta etc. Again no vegan options here, except the last time I got pasta with tomato sauce. So guess what I have, either chips or Pizza without cheese. I’m back in the hotel then and off to bed. The next day its bread at the hotel with peanut butter full of sugar and jam for breakfast. Only recently did they get soya milk so I had cereal (the sugary type).

Super food bowl

Back to work after this and the same lunch again at 12ish. At 3 I leave for the airport. Guess What? Aerlingus do not have a single vegan option for snacks on their flights.

By the time I get home Ive had pizza, chips, bread, all sorts of sugary food and loads of coffee. Am I just unorganised or do you struggle when travelling for work?

So I do need to detox big time and get some nutrients in. This is where my superfood smoothie with chiapudding comes in. Its packed full of vitamins, antioxidants and is super yummy.

Recipe is below if you need time out from junkfood.

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