Supernutritions Energy and Performance Superfoods

Supernutritions Energy and Performance Superfoods

Have you ever or do you ever take supplements or eat superfoods? I am talking about the new superfoods not our old fashioned blueberries and broccoli?

I didnt use to. I didnt believe in the hype. I am a bit oldfashioned and with food just like with any new trend I am very slow to accept it. So I didnt use or eat superfoods. I didnt understand they hype about Chia Seeds Quinoa Spirulina and other superfoods.

That is until I read up on them and there are so many articles you can read and some are contracdicting each ther and others are very sceptical.

Now that I did read about them I am a true believer! But I just find it so hard to keep track of all of them and also the know exactly what to use for which purpose.

So this is where I was introdused to Suernutritions. They are a brand that specialises in superfoods that you can blend yourself. All their superfoods are glutenfree soy free sugarfree saltfree dairy free and purely plantbased.

On their website you can as I mentioned create your own mix based on your goal and purpose.

You can choose from the following goals:

Energy & Performance

Wellness & Immunity

Detox & Body Cleanse 

Based on that goal you get to choose proteins, greens, seeds, veggies, fruits and a flavour.

I went for Energy & Performance and chose the flavour Berries and Cherries. 

So heres what I thought of it and made with it.

So my packet contained 75grams of a mix of Pea protein, hemp protein, Spinach, broccoli, Spirulina, Chlorella, Chia Seeds, Maca Roots, Pineappe, Green Stevia and Berries & Cherries.

When I opened the packet I got a beautiful aroma of fruit so off I went to try it out.

The first thing that came to my mind was to make agranola cup with a cashew and fruit filling. I aded a scoop of the superfoods into the granola base mix as well as to the cashew cream filling. The cream filling took on a lovely  purple colour and the flavour was very Berry as you would exepect. 

Now I havent ben using this enough to tell you whether it had any effect on my performance & energy (not that I am sporty or anything but Ive been lacking energy lately) but Ill see how it gooesn and let you know.


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  1. Hello.
    Can you please give me the website for the super nutritions. Super food powder you use. I cannot find it. Thank you..I love your posts, recipes, and IG posts.

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