Who we are

Who we are

Hey there,

thanks for visiting our blog. We really hope you like it and if you want to find out more about us read on…

We are twin sisters Daria and Maria. Born in Russia moved to Germany and separated by Maria’s wanderlust and subsequent move to Ireland.

Our Vegan Journey

we are only new Vegans. Maria went vegan in January 2016 and Daria followed suit in March 2016.

I always really loved animals and why I never made that connection between eating meat and using animal products and hurting animals…I am not sure. My journey to becoming vegan started with vegetarianism. I was the most unhealthy Vegetarian Ive ever met. Vegetarians eat loads of veggies right…not me :-). I was eating cheese sandwiches and biccies. Yup pretty bad.
I am not sure when but sometime in 2015 I decided I didn’t want to use any products that are tested on animals and started my long search for untested crueltyfree products. From shampoo to toothpaste to washing up liquid. I am still struggling finding all I need but I’m trying.

So where do you go from crueltyfree? Vegan of course. I did most of my research on products by checking the PETA site and their not tested and tested lists. Then I read some articles about veganism. And just like that went vegan in January last year. OH my I lost weight…so much weight. Because I didn’t research the food I could eat. So I was eating a lot of fruit and veg. And THEN I logged onto Instagram. Everything changed, there were cakes and nicecream and all those beautiful dishes with all those exciting ingredients. And the presentation. I really wanted to show everyone who wasn’t vegan that vegan food is beautiful and delicious and that’s how I started my IG account.
I lost a few friends by going vegan but I met these lovely people on IG who are all likeminded.
And here we are…now starting our own blog with sis Daria.


Me, Daria being the younger twin, copies what big sis does. So I was also vegetarian first and then after having seen Maria’s Instagram feed I really had to go vegan too. I am a big animal lover and having also independently done my research, Cowspiracy played a big role, there was no choice really than to go vegan.

And so it started my vegan journey, for about six months my boyfriend was vegan too but he was weak, (this is a mocking joke of course) he gave up, which I find very sad. 

So here we are, on our vegan journey sharing our recipes and experiences!